Teepee Basics

wooden baby swing
wooden baby swing

Solid Wood Dowels with

Leather Lacing                

wooden baby swing

Roll Up Window Shade

Pom-Pom Topper  


Canvas Banner Topper

These are some of ourTeepee fabric samples.  If you are looking for something different, let me know. We can create a custom order just for you!
Teepees from Lindsay's Loft are handcrafted in the heart of Western North Carolina with attention to high quality and design.  I am passionate about creating play spaces for children to enjoy.  A cozy place they can call their own and let their imaginations soar. A wonderful place to read a book. A place to share secrets and giggles. A place to make memories!
The teepees measure 48 x 48 inches --large enough for several children or a child and an adult.  Four solid wood dowels provide stability--no plastic connectors. These products are designed as a quiet reading nook, not a rough and tumble fort.
***A twin mattress slides perfectly into the teepee if you want to use it as a headboard or a bed fort.
The fabric for the teepee base is 100% cotton duck canvas. We generally use a print fabric on the top one-third of the teepee, providing  color all around.  There is also a window on one side with window panes and a coordinating roll-up shade. The front curtains have tie backs.  
We offer several teepee accessories to give your tent that expra special finishing touch.  Add a teepee topper--either a canvas banner or a pom-pom garland with beads or a seven-flag pennant.
If you want the banner personalized, please let me know.
The teepees are shipped with the dowels inserted into the casings and the leather lacing to tie at the top. They are ready to set up right out of the box.  Instructions are included in the packaging. 
These beautiful teepees are designed for indoors, but you can take them outside with the right ground covering.  Do not leave out in wet weather conditions.
Teepees ship UPS Ground in 1-3 days after production.
Cleaning Instructions-- Spot Clean.  Shout Action Spray Gel recommended.  
Teepees are pressed during the sewing process but may require touch up after shipping. Leave the dowels in, grab an assistant and place on the ironing board.
Please contact me if you have any questions. 
Southern Belle.jpg
  NEW The Lodge        New On the Farm         Gray Dots                         Southern Belle             Safari Adventure
Sail Away.jpg
Big Beautiful Blooms.jpg
 Big Blooms               Hello Little Lady            Sail Away!                      Oh My Llamas!


Safari Adventure

Jungle Boogie with this fun piece!!

I was able to find more of this fabric—it was quite popular at the Cashiers Leaf Show in October!!  It is loaded with jungle favorites and all kinds of colors---gray, greens, charcoal, pink, orange & red.

Window shade is a small pink cotton print OR a green cotton print.

Topper is “Wild & Free” banner with beads.

New Southern Belle

This is the new Southern Belle fabric—a soft blue-grey background with lovely bouquets of roses.  What little Southern Lady wouldn’t love to call this her happy place!

Topper recommended – pom-pom and beads

Set Sail Sailor—A nautical set of stripes in shades of blue make a strong statement for a Sailor teepee..

Topper recommended—Set Sail with anchor banner.

Big Beautiful Blooms

A contemporary mix of scroll leaves with great color punch—leaf green, blush red, ballet slipper pink and sapphire blue.  This is a large print and is paired with a small, sweet cotton print for the window shade.

Topper recommended—pom-poms and beads.