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Pet Teepee

Get the Perfect Pet Teepee at Teepees by Lindsay's Loft!

When it comes to taking care of our furry little pets, nothing would stop us. With that line of thinking, why wouldn't we do our best to make their experience at home as happy and comfortable as possible? Whether you have a giant dog or a tiny little cat, or even a bunny!, you will love getting your own pet teepee from Teepees by Lindsay's Loft. Lindsay's Loft was established by Brenda Fuqua as a way to make 'kindness cool' again through beautifully handcrafted decor inspired by her mother and daughter. Let's take a look at what makes her cat and dog teepee products so amazing!

If you are crazy about your pets, you understand how much your pets enjoy new places to sleep and relax. If you want to get a dog teepee that will make every dog wag its tail, consider one of the pet teepee options available at Lindsay's Loft. Each pet teepee measures at 30 x 30 inches with four wooden dowels that are 48 inches in length. Pets of up to 23 inches tall and 38 pounds in weight can fit in the traditional pet teepee products that are offered through her store. If you want to take your pet teepee to the next level, contact Lindsay's Loft directly to inquire about your own customized pet teepee. As it turns out, only your imagination is the limit for the next wonderful gift that you get for your pet or pet-loving friend or family member.

If you find that you love your pet teepee, Teepees by Lindsay's Loft also has a selection of boutique, handmade, play tents and teepees for children and adults of all ages. Make sure to browse around the online store at Teepees by Lindsay's Loft to get a taste for all of the available products for sale!

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