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Kids Indoor Teepee

Teepees by Lindsay's Loft Offers Handcrafted Kids Indoor Teepee Products!

Do you remember building your own fort as a kid? Whether you made one out of tree branches or couch cushions, you probably look back fondly on the activity. As it turns out, kids love to take spaces to make them their own. If you don't want your kids running around the house stealing your couch cushions, you should consider getting a play tent from Teepees by Lindsay's Loft.  Lindsay's Loft was established several years ago by Brenda Fuqua, a textile artist from Hendersonville. Brenda established the company to celebrate the joy of her special needs' daughter while working from home to also care for her family. As you'd expect, Brenda's products glow with the love and joy she's poured into her work.

When it comes to selecting your kids indoor teepee from Lindsay's Loft, you are going to have a tough time making a final decision. Teepees by Lindsay's Loft come in a variety of sizes, styles, and decorations. From the gorgeous Southern Belle play tent to the Hello Little Lady kids indoor teepee, there are just so many options to enjoy. No matter which kids indoor teepee you purchase, you'll be treated to a product handmade by experts at their craft. What's more, Lindsay's Loft is a family business which means all of the work occurs in one location, under one roof.

Teepees from Lindsay's Loft are created with an intense focus on design and quality. These play teepees make excellent reading nooks as they measure 48 x 48 inches. The fabric used on the teepee base is made from a completely cotton duck canvas with a printed fabric typically adorning the top of the teepee. The wooden dowel inserts feature leather lacing and are ready to use directly out of the package. For custom orders, contact Brenda directly via her contact page.

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