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Welcome to my little corner of the world where I would like to share some of the things I love. 


I love to sew, paint, distress, play with paper and create.  I found my love for all these things through my Mother. I got my first sewing machine when I was 13 and made a scooter-skirt.  I know, right? That’s what we called them in the 70’s.


She also helped me with most every Girl Scout badge I earned and we won awards for some of the things we a paper mache Charlie Brown puppet. One item that did not win anything was the felt covered yardstick holders.  Again, I know, right?


About me—my name is Brenda.  I have two wonderful children and a great husband.  My oldest child is my daughter Lindsay and she is one of the true inspirations in my life.  She is 28 years old with special needs. Being able to do what I love while working at home gives me the flexibility I need to help manage Lindsay's care. 


Raising a child with special needs is an entirely different story.  But I have always needed a little outlet hence, crafting. I also call it therapy.

Through the years I've been an avid scrapbooker and my children have enough scrapbooks to start a library!  But I always stitched on the pages. That sewing machine is always a part of my craft.

I actually use my Mother's old Singer from the 50's. I have three sisters and she made many an Easter dress and plenty of prom dresses on that machine.


Several years ago I became enthralled with teepees and play tents and finally worked out my own pattern. I've been participating in craft festivals throughout North Carolina with Teepees by Lindsay’s Loft.  I was explaining it to my daughter and she calls it “Lindsay’s Olaf”.  For the two of you out there that don’t know about the movie “Frozen”…you wouldn’t get it.


Back to my story—I love God, family and friends…usually in that order unless I’m having a girls night out!  It is my hope that you will find something you love for your child, your grandchild, a friend or a neighbor... or maybe just a little something for yourself.  Something handcrafted with goodness from the heart!








My Story


Lindsay recently attended  Night to Shine, hosted by the TIm Tebow Foundation. An incredible evening for people with special needs to enjoy red carpet treatment!

She had a ball... but the best part...

dancing the night away with her Dad.

My sweet Mother--how I miss​ her!  She lived in Charlotte and loved to visit the Billy Graham Library.
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